Monday, February 22, 2010

St Patricks Day Challenge Card

The Challenge:  You're challenged to come up with a Saint Patrick's Day card/box/layout/project, whatever. You may only use SHADES OF GREEN. You may use dark green, sea green, blue-green, hunter green, olive green, mist green, lime green, etc. etc... but ONLY green. No white. No black. No other color but GREEN. Any text must also be green. Ribbons? Green. Buttons? Green.  (For bonus points make the envelope green, if you're making a card!)  It's the ultimate monochromatic project! ;)

The Challenger: Ted at Happily Ever Crafter

This one took a little thinking for me.  I knew I wanted to do a four-leaf clover...but it needed to be a little more special than that.  Here is what I came up with and how I put it together!

First, I created the four-leaf clover svg using Inkscape. I then put the svg into SCAL.  I used SCAL to shadow the clover at .25 increments so that my clover would have 4 layers.  After cutting the clovers on my Cricut I sewed a cute button onto the middle.

I created the base of the card in SCAL.  Within the basic rectangle I put in my text.  I wanted to give the card more dimension. 

After cutting the card on the Cricut I put a dark green piece of paper behind the text.  To get the middle pieces of the "b", "e" and "o" I placed the discarded letter in its hole, put some glue on the center piece of the letter and put the puzzle together.  Once the center piece was in place I removed the rest of the letter.  (It worked better than I explained it).

I'm really happy with the finished product.


Christina said...

I love it! The technique you used reminds me of a project I did a long long time ago!

Ted said...

AJ, I'm so impressed with this and thrilled that you partook in my challenge! Yay! :)

NotAppealing said...

I think the e and the o are an example of great attention to detail that really make this a work of art =).