Monday, February 15, 2010


My friend's birthday is coming up soon, so I need to make a birthday card that was party themed.  I came upon this new technique (well, new to me) and had to try it out!  The new technique gives a stained glass window look.  Here's how I did it:

Using SCAL and my Cricut I cut out the card.  I made the martini image and placed it on top of a card svg from Wanda.
On the inside of the card I covered the martini glass with a piece of vellum.  I only had adhesive velum and that worked well - just put the sticky side towards the inside.  Then I colored the stem of the glass. I was never good at staying in the lines of my coloring book so this method is perfect for me!  You can be sloppy because it won't show. 

My favorite part of this card is the olive!  I had cut out an olive and stuck that to the velum and then drew a stick with a brown marker.

The next step of this technique is to put a piece of paper on top of the vellum.  Different colors give off different play around!  I ended up using a bright white.  It really made the purple and the olive show much better.
I scored and folded the card.  Then I added a piece of orange paper to the front half of the card.  The paper was the full size of the front half of the card so that the inside was consistent looking and the outside...well you can see how that came out!

Next I just added the word cheers and a few sparkles.  Here is the finished prouct!