Thursday, April 22, 2010

Card for a Friend

Sorry this post is a little late. I needed to make sure my friend got her card before I posted it here. She is expecting her first little one and I put together a little gift bag of things to spoil her. Here is the card I made her!

I got the idea and the flower SVG from Paper, Scissors, Ink. The red and patterned paper are Red Ryder from Basic Grey. The blue is just one of a large stack in that color!

The flower has seven layers and took more time than I anticipated. After cutting the pieces I stamped the edges. You'll notice that I ignored the little mishaps. I took the approach real flowers are imperfect. Which, being a bit of an expert, was very hard for me to do.

I used a bone folder to crease the larger pieces and a toothpick to curl the inner petals.

On the inside of the card, I printed out the text and then put a frame around it. I really like how it came out!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Pink Stamper Challenge

The Challenger: Robyn at My Pink Stamper
The Challenge: Make a project using your Cricut and the colors Pink, Green, and Black!!

Since I've been regularly looking at blogs, I've been following the Pink Stamper.  Her projects are inspiring, simple and she has a lot of good giveaways!  

The first step to this project was to create the basket for the hot air balloon in Inkscape.  Then using SCAL I placed the basket in the center of a rectangle (1.62 by 3 inches).   I first printed the basket using a Cricut Marker.  Then without removing the mat from the Cricut, I cut the rectangle.  The black rectangles were cut at 1.75 by 4 inches.

The balloons are 1.25 inch circles from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.  For each balloon I cut 4 circles, folded them in half and then glued them together.  Very Easy!!!  I added some pink ribbon and a simple sentiment...card complete!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My New Favorite

So, I had this idea. Take some ribbon...make some flowers...put them on a card. My idea? It was fabulous and the card came out wonderfully.

The Challenger: Cupcake Craft Challenges

The Challenge: Make Your Own Flowers

How I did it: I think the key to this card coming out so well was that every step of the way I placed the pieces together to see how it would come out. It really helped keep my vision.

Okay, so maybe you'd rather know how I put together the flowers.

I used some cute ribbon I picked out of the dollar bin at Michael's. I cut the ribbon at about twice the length that I wanted the flower to be. For the small flowers I cut three ribbons at 3 inches each. For the large flower I cut six ribbons at 6 inches each.

I then put a bit of glue (I used my glue runner) on the end of the ribbon and then put the two ends together. I then creased the ribbon so that one edge was the part I just glued and the other edge was the center.

Next, I added a touch more glue on the inside of the ribbon where the two ends meet. Then I pinched the ribbon together so that the glued part met up with the crease I had made. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and that helped me keep the two loops about the same size.

Using more glue, did I mention you should stock up on glue? Anyways...glue the center of the ribbons together. I then sewed the button into the center of flower.

I cut the background and grass using SCAL and my trusty Cricut. Did you notice the clouds in the background? They have hearts in them. SO CUTE! I sewed the stems onto the background before applying the grass and attaching the ribbon flowers. I tied an individual thread to the stems for the leafs.

I'll stamp a sentiment to the bottom when I decide why this card will be given away.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fab N Funky Spring Challenge

The Challenger : Fab 'N' Funky

The Challenge: "Spring is in the Air" This could a project featuring Spring animals or flowers; colours you associate with Spring . . . again, please interpret the theme in a way that suits your project(s) but when we visit, we can still understand where you have used our theme.

With the nice weather that we were having here in Michigan, I really wanted to participate in this challenge. But I wasn't sure how or what I was going to do. Until a new post from Wanda showed up in my Google Reader. She put together the great cut for the card. I did end up altering it a bit so I could have the purple background.

The time consuming part of this card was coloring and glittering the flowers. I first stamped the flowers pink and the stems green. I then placed packaging tape behind the flowers. I used packaging tape because it was the right width! I could use one piece for the whole scene. I then put the blue, green and gold glitter down. They are all very fine glitters and I found that they worked best with the glue and the small area's that I was trying to fill.
I cut out the sentiment using Times New Roman font bolded. Be careful when cutting the font, as some of the letters can be thin making them more delicate to work with. I added some cute blue ribbon from the dollar bin.
I really love how this card came out, especially the glitter on the flowers! I have a few more ideas on what I'll be doing with the cute card SVG that Wanda created....stay tuned to see if they work out!

Colorful Birthday Card

What says "birthday" more than a cupcake?  I have no idea who this card is going to.  My inspiration was simply to create a fun colored birthday card with a cupcake.  My favorite is the silver cupcake bottom (you can see my reflection in it!).  It was left over from some bridal shower invites I made (I wish I had pictures of that).

The patterned paper, like most of my paper is from Paper Studios.  The colored paper is just scraps that I have hanging around my scrap room.    The top of the cupcake is outlined using Martha Stewart Microbeads.  In case you're wondering...I still haven't figured out how to neatly apply them!