I recently got a new DSLR camera and I want to share some of my favorite photos with you.  This page will not be updated on a regular basis.  It will all be based on when I take pictures! 

Thanks for checking out my other hobby.

(7/30/2010) My husband and I went to the county fair this afternoon. The highlight was the petting zoo where we could feed the goats and llamas.

(7/25/2010) These are some miscellaneous pictures from the last month.  It contains pictures of President Obama's trip to West Michigan, a scene from the crazy weather we've had and a cute furry animal in my yard!

(7/7/2010)Here are my favorite pictures from my trip to Indy!

(6/27/2010)To start out with is a set of pictures taken at Ludington City Park in Ludington, MI.  On Saturday I will be visiting the Indianapolis Zoo.  I'm really excited to take pictures of the animals!