Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ThankYou Money Card

In a few weeks my husband and I are getting on a boat and going on vacation! I'm so excited for it. I really need this vacation. Even planning this vacation has been stressful (we were supposed to go on the Splendor - see John Heald's blog for more info). Well, we're still going on a boat, it's just not what we've been planning over the last nine months or so. Either way, one great part of cruising is all the people who are on the boat to help you have a fabulous experience. And of course it is customary to tip these people who clean the rooms, serve your dinners and make you cool towel animals. So I made a thank you money card!

I started out with an 8 x 6.75 piece of cardstock and scored it long ways at 3 and 6 inches. The front and back is 3 inches and the inside flap that holds the money is 2 inches. I snapped a little off the length of the inside flap and then rounded the corner.
For decorating the card, I cut up some fun colored paper. On the pink I used silver embossing to stamp the sun image which goes along with the ribbon I got from a cruise pack a few years back. The cap on the front of the card is from a wine cooler bottle. It's such a fun and unique add! Inside the card I used blue embossing to stamp thank you and I plan on writing a little note.

P.S. I will not be tipping $1. That's just ridiculous :) unfortunately, the single was the only bill in my purse!

P.S.S. Later this week I will be giving something cool away to my followers!!!


Anonymous said...

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