Saturday, December 5, 2009

Turtle Card Complete!

Wow. That was really quick! I made the SCAL file last night when I had this genius idea. But other than that it took me like 10 min to make this cute little card. The only thing I need to perfect is it's size. It ended up being about 2x4 inches...about half the size of a normal card. But it's still cute! Here are some photos of the card. It is the first shape card that I've made.

My 1st first was creating the SCAL file that cut a shape card. My 2nd first was having multiple pieces of paper being cut at the same time.

I then put the green paper through my new CuddleBug to give it some dimension. I then glued the two pieces of paper together, added a facial expression and it was done! I told you it was quick and easy!

So cute!


NotAppealing said...

Ok, seeing the process makes GETTING the card that much more fun! I love it. It's still out on my piano, along with the cookie.

I like turtles!

I like Adrea!

Thanks a ton!